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Request a Retreat Reservation

Nightly Rate: $75 (no extra fees or taxes)

This rate covers our cleaning, utility, and maintenance costs, and is about half the bottom-line rate for comparable rentals in the Waynesville area. However, if you are financially constrained and can't afford this rate, it will not be a barrier -- please let us know. We have had funds given for this purpose.

  • Minimum Stay: 2 nights, Maximum: 7 nights

  • See calendar below for blocked dates (marked "Reserved")

  • Maximum Advance Reservation: 6 months

  • Checkin Time: 3:00 PM, Checkout Time: Noon

  • Spiritual direction, marriage enrichment, pastoral care, and/or Communion available by appointment

  • We don't serve meals but we do provide a kitchenette (see Apartment page for details)

Retreat Guest Options:

  • Individual (21 or over)

  • Husband and Wife

  • 2-3 Platonic Friends or Family (at least one 21 or over, all guests 16 or over)


We handle each reservation request personally. We are not a vacation rental. Our calling and mission is to provide restful, unhurried time away with God. Of course, as part of this time, we encourage you to enjoy the area - its natural beauty, local shops and restaurants. But we require in the request form a brief description of the reason for your retreat so we are assured you understand the intended purpose, and also so we can begin praying for you.

Click to view our Guest Welcome Book with full details on your stay.


We look forward to welcoming you!

Chris & Claire

Thanks for submitting!

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Available Dates

The calendar shows currently blocked ("busy") dates. We can't guarantee that you will receive a requested date even if it is shown here as open, but it is much more likely!

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